I’m Nick. I’m an artist based in Weston-super-Mare in beautiful North Somerset where I live with my family and two cats. I was born in North Wales and moved to Somerset before I could walk where I have remained ever since. I was trained in the arts at the then Bristol Polytechnic at Bower Ashton before entering the dizzy world of design and advertising agencies.

Now I work for myself designing and illustrating books, mostly for children.

But painting has always been my real passion and now it has come alive.

I record local landmarks, well known or tucked away, and paint them as I see them with a human interest and humour.

The inspiration for my art is the wonderful Mr L S Lowry. Initially labelled a “naive Sunday painter” the world soon realised that his art had become a fascinating representation of where he lived and worked – the industrial heartland of England.

As a nod to Mr Lowry I use only five colours – red, raw umber, blue, white and black. I find the limited palette pulls a painting together and gives it unity. It makes you think about using colour, what moods it can evoke and the rhythm it can give to a painting.

As someone said to me about my work, “it reminds me of Lowry, but with more joy”.

I hope I can bring joy with my own work.

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